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Music and The Brain

Articles on Music and The Brain

Since the early 1970's my parent's began studying mind control and it's results. My dad was a long time educator and principal with multiple degrees in not only education but several other subjects as well. He did a lot of family counseling. They attended numerous seminars and workshops and became part of the Silva Mind Control Method Organization. All of this took place back in the day when mind control was unknown to the general public and the general public thought meditation was something only done by religious leaders from other cultures. God gave us many abilities and one of those abilities is the mind. With a vast array of untapped sources, we are only today learning how the mind has the ability to help control many aspects of our body's and emotions. The effects of music on the brain is one of those aspects.

While music has long been known to be associated with spiritual aspects, it is only today being recognized for it's effects on health, mental relaxation, emotional support and control and speed in recovery.

I own this book by Daniel Levitin and also The Mozart Effect mentioned in one of the other links posted here if you wish to borrow either of them or any others, just let me know. I enjoy studying about the effects music has on the brain and the brain in general. The brain is an amazing an interesting subject. I have given neurofeedback in the past and have also received neurofeedback for performance anxiety. The effects of neurofeedback are the most rapid and most effective of all performance anxiety treatments.

There is a huge library of books and music here and many are on Music and they Brain. There are also a lot of books on practicing, how to practice, practicing for performance, and performance anxiety.

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