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Desktop Computers

If you need a better set up than your phone or laptop camera.  Or maybe your laptop doesn't have a camera. Maybe you'd like to be able to show the student or show an overhead of the piano keyboard like I do.  My set up uses 4 of these from different angles. If you are serious about online lessons, its good to have multiple camera angles.  With that said, you can also move around the laptop or ipad to get the angle needed if a parent is helping.  

I'm not familiar with the one on the left, but I was looking for an affordable computer to meet minimum specs for teleconferencing. The one on the right is a micro computer.  It is a desktop version that can be held in a child's hand. It's larger than a child's hand but light and small enough they can hold it easily.  It would be excellent for travelling except the fact that it would require an additional monitor. You will love this little computer.  I have two of them. 


Please do NOT use your phone for lessons.  The student needs to be able to watch demonstrations and see what's going on.  The student also needs to be able to view the music when I show them what to circle or write on their music. A phone screen is too small for the student to observe optimal views and can not provide the best situation for me to see what and how they are playing either.  An ipad is the preferred device for many apps.  Many of the apps which are useful will not work on any device except ipad. Superscore is one of these.  Superscore app can share music, purchase music and markup music.  I have and will be sharing music using the superscore app.  Will you be able to see it from your current device? 



Whether you prefer HP or Dell, you won't believe the price for these compared to the specs they show. Everyone in the household will be fighting over whose computer this really is. 

Stands and Holders

Getting the sound right is a very tricky part as you have heard. I have the blue yeti, pictured first and it is a find microphone, if adjusted right, you should hear excellent sound. I also have a samson similar to this in the middle column but not the same one. Both of these are excellent for recording music.  The last one for $49.99, I know nothing about.  It should be fine for voice.  But I do not know about piano. Why does it matter for you to have some of this equipment if I have it?  Because Imy end also needs to hear a better quality of sound so I can tell if you have the proper tone or if it's your device causing the harsh sound. 

If you MUST use a phone for lessons...maybe due to internet outage or video format app not working... What ever the reason, these clip on holders are the best thing you can purchase to hold the phone where I can receive a great view of the keyboard.  I have used these often in lessons and you've probable seen it clipped onto the piano here. There is usually a designs flaw with most of these where the head that holds the phone can easily break off if you move it around too much.  I've gone through many of this type of holder.  Still it is worth your purchase if you must use a phone for lessons. 

The tabletop mini tripod can be extremely helpful to place at the end of the piano keyboard on the wood to provide a view of the keys or possibly on top of the piano for an over head view.  These are inexpensive and some webcams come with them already in the box. Quite useful! 

For even better control of your video placement and easier management. The floor tripod works best.  Better views with more reliable stability for about the same price.  There are more expensive ones.  But this should get the job done for side views. 

This is what I have for overhead webcam use. So far it has been sturdy and works well. 

Ipad floor stand works great! Very heavy and sturdy! 

These are amazing! I got one of these at Walmart once and haven't found another one until now. Except I only paid $13 at Walmart.  They don't have them anymore.

Possibly the next best thing to the tray posted just to the lleft and a lot more cost effective. Leave the computer set up and ready to go for next time. Could even be used with the micro desktop. 

Avoid the falling during lessons. Find your preferred spot and keep it there. Folds away when done 

avoiding cluttered living areas.

Speakers for more clarity and better volume control. 


I have not used these, but logitech is a good brand and can't beat that price!

Cant beat the price for the quality. Voted among the best speakers for 2020. 

Kids Headsets w/mic

Also in the top 10 for best computer speakers of 2020

My husband and I both have this headset and it works well for zoom. I plug it directly into the computer. into the headphone jack.  Remember each time you change a device, you must also change settings for microphone and speakers etc. 

This is a usb headset.  I also have this one, and it may work better, but I don't like it as well, since it only uses one ear.  Just a matter of personal preference. 

Welcome to the PianosAreFun Amazon Store

The Amazon Store: Each product listed is a quality piece of equipment that I either use or have used. Your purchase through the provided links provide me with a very small commission. These items may not be the nicest money can buy, but I have searched to find you the best quality for the least money.  Although online lessons can be given without all the fancy equipment.  There are a few things which provide a better quality lesson for both users. The following is provided to make your life a little bit easier. 

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Possibly Needed Accessories

For use with overhead webcam

Keyboards, Digital Pianos and Piano Accessories

The Yamaha P-45 is the most cost effective quality instrument that I know of for a digital piano. They come with or without the furniture like stand and bench.  However, be aware that "X" stands may not all be adjustable to low enough height.  "X" Stands are more commonly made for chording in which the keyboardist usually plays with a band or vocal group.  Keyboard to bench ration height is very important to avoid injury. Other than the digital piano types listed here, I can not recommend any others.  Digital pianos do not have the same lifespan as acoustics and can not easily be repaired. While you save money on tuning.  You lack hearing change of tone, capturing different touches and risk of loosing your money due to breakage.  While Yamaha, Kawai and Roland are well known for being superior brands which provide the best quality possible for an electric instrument, you can possibly find a good used acoustic for about the same cost. But it may possibly take longer.  For acoustic pianos, or other higher quality instruments than those provided here, visit David Melton at Lubbock Piano Gallery. or Metroplex Piano in the DFW area. To be honest, Id also be a little concerned over having one come through the mail. Although, I've had many students over the years who have done so. Frankly, if your acoustic piano is in poor condition or can not be kept in tune, possibly one of these is not a bad idea. A large part of learning piano is also learning to develop listening skills. It's difficult to learn to detect subtle differences or intervals when a piano is so badly out of tune. 

Just for Fun 

Just a few things that make daily life a little bit easier.

Certainly not a necessity. But definitely a luxury.  This is amazing and not just for your milk for your coffee. Add milk and hot chocolate mix and you have a gourmet treat. Whats the difference between this and your handheld frother? This one heats the cold milk and does it FAST! 

Great for a Christmas gift. 

Professional Pianist

In order to get the most from online lessons you need:

A good instrument, preferably a good acoustic piano. 

An Acoustic piano provides subtle differences in articulation, and tone. This is learned by using specific techniques, and learned listening from a quality instrument. 

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