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Why online lessons are the future.

Online lessons are proving to be more successful at creating more engaged students than traditional lessons. While this may not be the “thing”for many teachers, it is the vision for the future. internet and conferencing platforms are updating and getting better everyday. This week has made a drastic difference in zoom. I have played with students with absolutely no lag. With rapidly improving video platforms and the demand of extra load on the internet from covid; technology has kicked into gear with updates. Internet speeds in most locations are getting faster. (If yours is not, check for a different provider.)

Sound wars are occurring between video platforms to see who can provide the best. With all this rapid progress soon two students will be able to practice duets together with each in their own home. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity that has never occurred before!

Many parents and students are growing to love the convenience that online lessons provide. No rushing for traveling back and forth all over town. No forgotten music books. No leaving music in the car to be trampled and ruined. And, Mom is even able to cook dinner at home While the lesson is taking place.

Tge largest benefit seen on my end... and I can’t stress this enough, is students are learning more! What? How can that be? Having lessons with a student online in their own home provides security and better focus. Students are more focused so are better equipped to dig deeper into learning and understanding compositional form. Having their their lesson in a video at their convenience allows more time in the lesson to focus on the structure of music and theory actually applied to their piece. Now we can see the real theory in action.

If you are still struggling with adapting to online lessons- check the website for instructions on making the platform perform better, and find links to upgrade your home equipment.

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