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International Piano Academy Online, PianosAreFun!


Nationally Certified Experienced Professional Lessons designed each week to promote your potential in reading, technique, and theory.  Lessons provided in the security and convenience of your own home.  We are professionally set up online with four camera angels, midi software, and other specialized software for your convenience in learning.  We provide instruction better than in person.  We have tried several online conferencing platform and find that zoom provides a more stable and reliable environment for our educational focus and retention. Look for our guide for you home set up to provide the best quality on your end. There are also links provided for your convenience if needed.  


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Sharla Van Cleave, NCTM
Abilene, Texas



Tyler Merritt,
Former Student

I really enjoyed the mix of classical and contemporary training and the constant and intentional care and motivation put into the lessons. I liked learning how to play and advancing in my technique, but the best part was Mrs. Van Cleave's unique and loving approach to fit my individual needs.

I studied under the direction of Mrs. Van Cleave for eleven years, beginning in first grade and ending my tenure in my senior year of high school. This attests to her dedication to students of all ages and her desire to see them grow not just in theory and technique, but also in personal and spiritual character. She always encouraged me to try my hardest and never give up. She helped me develop tenacity, perseverance, adaptability, and a love for piano. She has been an exemplary mentor throughout my life, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and flourish under her guidance!

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Christa Cantu 

Mom of Lazarus Harrison

Sharla encourages her student’s love of music while teaching them about theory and the importance of playing technique. My son enrolled as a beginner three years ago and continues to make incredible strides in his skill and ability as a musician. He has autism which can present a unique set of challenges, but Sharla is patient and understanding. She provides her students with opportunities to grow through recitals, competitions and performances for the community. She is always looking for fun ways to present the material and adapt it to the needs and interests of her students. My son especially loved learning to play jazz pieces and about the history of the music during online piano camp last summer. This year a he is even getting to explore some of the intricacies and mechanical connections within an acoustic piano. We could not ask for a better experience. We are truly grateful for Sharla fortunate to be part of this program.


Staci Schofield,
Former Student,

I would not be where I am today had it not been for taking piano lessons with Sharla. For 15 years I had the pleasure of mentoring under her piano teachings which always turned out to be so much more than just how to play a song. I learned how to shine, how to be thankful, to work hard & to soar in stressful situations & find my outlet. She is tough, but it’s because she knows the potential that is there & will push you to become your best self. I am so thankful for the hours and years spent at her home. I learned confidence & to utilize my gifts to the best of my abilities in front of people performing and in day to day practicing. She always allowed the greatest opportunities for me, be that helping with the judges at contests or performing downtown at Art walk or our countless dear to me recitals. She is a one of a kind teacher, her eyes sparkle when she is able to bring forth the true passion from the fingers that she always knew was there. It’s more than fingers hitting keys it’s our soul coming forth with the feelings it keeps inside. It will not be easy but it will absolutely be worth it. Today I am able to use all of the things I learned to help me soar in outside sales. After & during the many years of piano with Sharla I succeeded in speech & debate, was the drum major for both high school & college bands & went on to state every year with piano receiving straight I's. The knowledge I gained with her will forever be with me as an outlet and a passion.

Thank you Sharla,

Staci Schofield

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Mary Gemberling,
Grandmother of Shaela

Excellent instruction for beginners or experienced piano students! Music and theory are taught in a way everyone can learn. Fun activities are included and recitals are a wonderful showcase of student progression. I highly recommend.

Jill Geeslin
Current Student

It's has been an excellent experience for an elder student like me. Sharla has allowed me to brush off the cob webs of my previous learning while adding new along the way. The rust in my brain is deep, but we're knocking it off little by little.​

Danielle Galon

Current Student

 Doing piano lessons online as a class was new for me and I didn’t know how it would go, but it actually turned out really good because you get to learn to play in front of other people  and you get to hear them play as well. I would definitely say it was a fun experience. re.