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Nationally Certified Professional High Quality Private Lessons designed for your individual personal needs each week.  Lessons provided in the security and convenience of your own home, online through zoom. Adequate internet upload and download speeds are crucial to better quality. Place your camera, phone or webcam where we can see you and your hands on the top of the keyboard. 

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Sharla Van Cleave, NCTM

Abilene, Texas


Some of Our Reviews


Tyler Merritt, Former Student

I really enjoyed the mix of classical and contemporary training and the constant and intentional care and motivation put into the lessons. I liked learning how to play and advancing in my technique, but the best part was Mrs. Van Cleave's unique and loving approach to fit my individual needs.

I studied under the direction of Mrs. Van Cleave for eleven years, beginning in first grade and ending my tenure in my senior year of high school. This attests to her dedication to students of all ages and her desire to see them grow not just in theory and technique, but also in personal and spiritual character. She always encouraged me to try my hardest and never give up. She helped me develop tenacity, perseverance, adaptability, and a love for piano. She has been an exemplary mentor throughout my life, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and flourish under her guidance!


Staci Schofield,

Former Student,

Now, Returning Student

I would not be where I am today had it not been for taking piano lessons with Sharla. For 15 years I had the pleasure of mentoring under her piano teachings which always turned out to be so much more than just how to play a song. I learned how to shine, how to be thankful, to work hard & to soar in stressful situations & find my outlet. She is tough, but it’s because she knows the potential that is there & will push you to become your best self. I am so thankful for the hours and years spent at her home. I learned confidence & to utilize my gifts to the best of my abilities in front of people performing and in day to day practicing. She always allowed the greatest opportunities for me, be that helping with the judges at contests or performing downtown at Art walk or our countless dear to me recitals. She is a one of a kind teacher, her eyes sparkle when she is able to bring forth the true passion from the fingers that she always knew was there. It’s more than fingers hitting keys it’s our soul coming forth with the feelings it keeps inside. It will not be easy but it will absolutely be worth it. Today I am able to use all of the things I learned to help me soar in outside sales. After & during the many years of piano with Sharla I succeeded in speech & debate, was the drum major for both high school & college bands & went on to state every year with piano receiving straight I's. The knowledge I gained with her will forever be with me as an outlet and a passion.

Thank you Sharla,

Staci Schofield

Shaela 13433237_10206670133736694_203950

Mary Gemberling,

Grandmother of Shaela

Excellent instruction for beginners or experienced piano students! Music and theory are taught in a way everyone can learn. Fun activities are included and recitals are a wonderful showcase of student progression. I highly recommend.

Silhouette of Man

Jill Geeslin

It's has been an excellent experience for an elder student like me. Sharla has allowed me to brush off the cob webs of my previous learning while adding new along the way. The rust in my brain is deep, but we're knocking it off little by little.​


PianosAreFun has two Nationally Certified Teachers of Music in Piano with more than 35 years experience teaching private one on one lessons.

High quality, professional one on one lessons now offered online.  You are provided direct interaction with the teacher during the entirety of every lesson.

Each lesson will address  your individual needs from week to week and your specific individual assignments applied for what you need the most work on.  

Our goal is to teach you to read and understand music so that you are able to play from sheet music and understand what the composer intended. 

For the most part, lessons are traditional classical lessons.


Classical music provides a better avenue for learning more of the intricacies that make bring music to life. 


 Theory is applied to each piece and classical music provides better  opportunity for learning more elements of theory as well. 


Proper technique is something that can not be learned from "canned lessons" Technique is difficult because you are teaching and training your muscles to do new things they have never experienced before. Training your muscles can be frustrating and also requires feedback. 


Live one on one lessons provide a demonstration with multi angled cameras and talking you through each movement. Then I will watch you do it and correct anything that needs help. Sometimes the entire lesson may need to be spent on technique, sometimes the entire lesson may need to be spent on theory. Sometimes the entire lesson may need to be spent on learning to create a specific tone, or how to count and play a rhythm pattern correctly.  What ever your needs we will address them and make sure you understand.  We will work with you until you get it right.


Constant interaction between the student and the teacher directly every week. 

Maybe you don't like classical music. Thats ok, we will also be learning other styles as well.

All Styles of piano music.

A well rounded pianists should be able to perform many styles well.


Our goal is to create in you the skills to be an independent musician with enough knowledge and experience to read advanced music, understand advance music theory, and know how to play different styles as needed on your own.  This can not be done in a few lessons


Practice in between lessons is essential. A piano is needed at your home because you are going to need to practice many hours to learn everything correctly and train your muscles. 

Accomplishing your goals is a journey.  At times it can be frustrating, because piano trains not only your brain, but your muscles as well.


The reward you receive is like no other feeling, when your hard work leads to accomplishing your goal and performing successfully. 

Piano is so much more than just learning chords or matching notes on the staff to keys on the keyboard. It is a process with goals acheived and rewards attained through your hard work.


Piano is a complete musical education and we provide all of it from pre-k through high school and adult. 

Rapid Progress is achieved  by the more effort and practice you put into it. We will push that progress just as fast as you can keep up.  It really all depends on you.


YOU are the one in control of how fast or how slow you learn. Once in a while obstacles occur to slow you down. But this is normal. Not everyone is good at everything and some things require more effort than others. 

Do you desire to read music well?

Do you want to play well?  Between our experience and your daily practice following our instructions, you can sound better than you ever imagined.

Assignments specific to your personal growth are added to the Tonara Practice App each week.  When you work to accomplish each of the goals written for you each week; you will make rapid progress. 

Articles on Music and the Brain
Since the early 1970's my parent's began studying mind control and it's results.  My dad was a long time educator and principal with multiple degrees in not only education but several other subjects as well.  He did a lot of family counseling.  They attended numerous seminars and workshops and became part of the Silva Mind Control Method Organization.  All of this took place back in the day when mind control was unknown to the general public and the general public thought meditation was something only done by religious leaders from other cultures.   God gave us many abilities and one of those abilities is the mind.  With a vast array of untapped sources, we are only today learning how the mind has the ability to help control many aspects of our body's and emotions. The effects of music on the brain is one of those aspects. 
While music has long been known to be associated with spiritual aspects, it is only today being recognized for it's effects on health, mental relaxation, emotional support and control and speed in recovery. 
I own this book by Daniel Levitin and also The Mozart Effect mentioned in one of the other links posted here if you wish to borrow either of them or any others, just let me know.  I enjoy studying about the effects music has on the brain and the brain in general. The brain is an amazing an interesting subject.  I have given neurofeedback in the past and have also received neurofeedback for performance anxiety.  The effects of neurofeedback are the most rapid and most effective of all performance anxiety treatments.
There is a huge library of books and music here and many are on Music and they Brain.   There are also a lot of books on practicing, how to practice, practicing for performance, and performance anxiety.  
National Library of Medicine
Harvard Medical School, Health Publishing
Rock Out Loud Online Music Platform
Making Music Magazine

Hopkins Medicine,%2C%20mental%20alertness%2C%20and%20memory.
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