Video Lesson Packages


One package includes tutorial video or videos and Written assignment(s) for Four weeks of lessons

Learn a piece at your own pace.

Move as fast or as slow as you want to go. 


Piano pieces are learned in layers.

Smaller layers of practice normally promote

faster learning of the piece. One video package

provides specific instruction and demonstration for 

learning one piece from beginning to end including memory. 

Scales and chords for the key of the piece. 

  • Specific practice assignments for each section  of the piece.

  • Written instructions for learning each layer of the piece.  

  • Goals for practice of each section

  • Examples for learning technique are demonstrated.

  • Demonstrations for specific practice of difficult areas.

  • A test and or worksheets included for helping build and retain mental aspects of the piece.

  • May include applied theory

  •  Form of the piece

  • Historical application                                                                                             

      Video lessons are recommended as a substitute when:

  • One on one lessons are not available due to lack of equipment suitable for live online lessons. 

  • For studio breaks  (example in lieu of summer lessons) or during studio breaks where no live lessons are given. 

  • Additional learning outside of the one on one lesson. 

  • Rapid and independent learning of a piece.

  • 4-6 lessons included depending on difficulty of the piece. May be learned at the student's own pace. As fast or as slow as the student needs to go. 

 Video lessons help encourage independent learning. 

Independent learning helps further develop skills needed to be an independent musician. 


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