My love of music combined with my enthusiasm and desire for playing the piano makes my job the greatest on earth. Most of the time I find it hard to believe that I actually get paid for “playing” and having fun. My job as a piano teacher is to help the student develop the necessary skills to read music, understand music theory, play with proper technique, and perform musically. My goal is to train the student to function independently as a musician, and share in the lifetime benefits that music provides. Discipline and responsibility are a vital part of this process. Showing my excitement about music, and having fun with the student encourages motivation, discipline and responsibility.

       I believe it is my duty to take advantage of the opportunities that God has provided for me in the field of music. I enjoy sharing the gift of music and feel a responsibility to provide a well rounded musical education. I strive to build confidence in the student’s ability to perform what they have learned. I feel as much pride in students with learning problems, who are able to make the slightest amount of progress through their efforts and hard work, as I do in those who have natural talent and progress rapidly. One of my goals is to teach the student to let go of negative stress and use the lesson time as an escape from the outside world through music. I believe that God has provided and entrusted me with these students and their musical futures.

        It is my obligation to do my best to serve God in this capacity; to make a difference in the lives of my students by influencing them and cultivating the intrinsic motivation that already



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