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Payment of Deposit is your contractual agreement of accepting the studio policy and permission for image release. 

Studio Policy and Information


Lessons:  High quality private piano lessons are 45 minutes once a week.  Various other lesson plan option descriptions are shown in the lesson format section of the website. There may be one or two group lessons in lieu of the private lesson each semester.  Group lessons will focus on performance skills, practice theory test or studio bonding experiences.     


Tuition:  Tuition is invoiced and paid through square auto pay on the first of each month.   There are also subscription links provided through square on the website under the description for each lesson plan format. 

Absences: Tuition for absences will not be refunded. A missed lesson is still purchased teaching time for which payment is due.  Lack of practice is not a reason to miss a lesson.  In fact it is all the more reason you need to attend. Lessons missed by the student will not be made up.  Please notify me if you are unable to attend.  In the case that I have to miss a lesson, the lesson will be made up.  I miss, I pay. You miss, you pay.

Termination of Lessons:  Students are expected to complete the school year. A notice of a minimum of one month is required and payable when terminating lessons. 

I shall be compelled to terminate lessons when a student is: 

  1. Irregular in attendance

  2.  Repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material

  3.  Is uncooperative

  4.  Repeatedly late payments , declined or invalid card or any other reason that tuition is not paid in full.

  5.  In breech of studio policy contract.

Deposit: :   A $120.00 deposit is required of every student for the school year, due July 1st.  The reason for the deposit is:

  1. The deposit is designed to avoid additional monthly charges so you know exactly the amount that is paid every month.

  2. It confirms the student’s place in the schedule 

  3. Covers registration fees for Fall Festival,  Springer Manly Music Festival, TMTA Theory Test, National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions.

  4. All music

  5. The deposit is non refundable.  Before September 1, more than half of the deposit has already been spent for TMTA registrations, music and fall festival. 

  6. You are provided free access to the tonara app.  I pay for the subscription and this is not included as part of  your deposit. 

Student Responsibilities:  

  1. Students should be prepared for each lesson by being on time

  2.  Have all music and  materials ready 

  3. Completed all  written assignments.   

  4. Practice assignments should be prepared to show the assigned section has been completed and ready to add on an additional section.  Or the entire piece has been completed through practice and is ready to be assigned a new piece.  The assignment for each piece, technique or scales and chords should show there has been considerable  progress since the last lesson.  IF the student is following the practice assignment instructions, there will be progress. Sometimes practice time may need to be increased in order to accomplish the practice goals.  Each practice goal should be accomplished by next week's lesson. 

  5. Students are expected to practice every day until the assignment goal is met. Practice is the key to progress.  Recommended practice times are as follows: 

  • 1st-3rd grade 30 minutes

  •  4th-7th grade 45 minutes

  • 8th- grade  through adult 1 hour or more as needed for progress  

  • Early Elementary  10- 15 minute segments twice a day or until easier

  • Elementary 30 minutes per day

  • Early Intermediate  45 minutes per day

  • Intermediate 45 minutes per day  to 1 hour per day

  • Late Intermediate 1 hour per day

  • Advanced a minimum of one hour per day 

  • Serious Advanced Students 1-3 hours per day.

  1. Students will participate in TMTA Theory Test

  2.  AMTA Fall Festival of American Music

  3.  Studio Christmas Performance,

  4. AMTA Springer-Manly Music Festival

  5.  National Guild Auditions

  6.  Studio Spring Awards Recital.

  7. Other online festivals or contests or in person festivals or contests may be provided in your area so students may benefit from performing live for an in person judge or audience. I believe it is extremely important to perform in person as much as possible. 

  8. Adjustments may be made for some individual students who are more interested in Recreational Music Making.  These adjustments may mostly be made for adult students, but can also be applied to children depending on individual circumstances.  However, every student is encouraged to share their music and participate in performance as much as possible. 


Parent Responsibilities:  

  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule a regular daily practice routine and enforce it. 

  2. Please check the tonara app  at least once a week to see that all assignments have been completed

  3. Goals cannot be met without consistent daily practice. 

  4. Please be punctual with arrival and exit as students are scheduled back to back with no breaks in-between.

  5. Occasionally there may be difficulties beyond our control we have to accept and move on.  We will do our best to also be on time and/or provide alternate means of lesson venue such as skype or in the case of no internet, facetime.  Facetime lessons are NOT preferred and are not considered  "online lessons" due to lack of  availability of our  specialized software . Facetine lessons are only considered, if necessary due to lack of  reliable internet. 

Teacher Responsibilities: 

  1. High quality private one on one lessons tailored to each student's individual needs from week to week. Teachers will provide high quality lessons through individual education, classical training, continuing education, community performances,  certification requirements and adjudication assessment of each  individual teacher.   This is done in order to  be sure that we all provide the highest quality of education for the student possible. 

  2. Through the student requirements we provide learning activities, performance opportunities and access to adjudicated events. These requirements provide practice incentives,  and the evaluation of musical growth and progress. 

  3. The student requirements also provide a deadline which inspires practice a musical growth. We provide the deadlines and incentives through the provided performance opportunities and events that are scheduled throughout the year.

  4. For beginners:  We provide keeping up with  teaching advances  in the studio by using some of the newest materials on the market which have been thoroughly researched first and haven proven success.  

  5. For intermediate and advanced students  we prefer original classical music training to provide the most challenge in reading, technical and rhythmic skills.  A well rounded pianist, should have the ability to perform different styles and genras of music and it is our believe that classical training better prepares the student for the best independent musician possible.

  6. Constant work through continued education to keep up and further our own educational and musical teaching and performance skills.

  7.  Some Group lessons, studio activities, or events, may be given in lieu of the private lessons to encourage social interaction among students, exposure to different musical styles and build confidence in performing for peers. These events and or activities are important learning lessons and build studio bonding. 

Agreement to accept this studio policy and become part of our studio family serves as a legitimate contract and provides permission as an image release form for this website, the studio facebook page, instagram page, youtube or advertising materials.  

We enjoying sharing our student's performances via social media and they love receiving the honor of being highlighted for their efforts.